Friday, November 8, 2019

STOP Bickering!

Let’s just preface this story by saying Keith and I are not the best communicators. We get along great and love the same topics. We can sit for hours doing nothing except talking about ideas other people think are really ridiculous. However, I know communicating was always hard for me because of my anxiety about being judged by people. In high school, I was so uncomfortable all the time. I even hid in the bathroom on the second floor at lunch to avoid my friends. I feel like Keith may feel the same way. We like to talk about stuff that seems like such a waste of time to some people and maybe that is why sometimes we hide in our own bodies.

As our relationship progressed, we did not understand each other very well. He would seem mad and then keep texting me and checking up on me. I would usually have to drive twenty minutes to his house to confront him and hash things out. There were a few times we would disagree and in a funny way, bicker with each other. We do not get very loud so the first time we heard a very unexplainable loud noise beside us we both jumped a mile. I always stay skeptical, so I asked a few questions and when I realized he had no idea where the noise came from, I changed the subject. By this point, I had learned that if it happened once and I ignored it, it would happen again. A few weeks later, a door on a side table sounded like it slammed when we disagreed. It became a joke. We laughed about it. Did we truly, 100% believe it was a ghost? A ghost that hated our bickering? No way!

Finally, there was a day we were bickering before I even got out of the car. I sat in the driver’s seat with the door open and he stood beside the car in front of the garage. I would claim something, he would disagree and clarify, and then I would state a new claim. He stopped for a second, thinking of what to say. I started badgering him to say something…anything. All of a sudden, a piece of gravel flew past us, almost hitting him. We heard the thud as it hit the back of the garage. He looked at me with his eyes wide. “Did you just see that rock?” I burst out laughing because the look on his face was not fear. There was sheer wonder and amazement on his face. He looked like a 10-year old boy reading Haunted Magazine. I said I did see it and we looked around. There was not a soul in sight. We were completely alone. We ended up walking toward the house and I was still asking him for some kind of explanation. I have no idea what I was even badgering him about that day. We were standing on the patio between the garage and the door to the house. As he again racked his brain trying to figure out what to say, we heard a crashing and echoing metal sound from the garage. We looked inside. Metal weightlifting bars had fallen. He looked at me with a blank look and said, “Those bars have been sitting there for months. I don’t know how they would fall right at this particular moment.”

Now we know, it is just a thing. Some ghost MAY hate when we bicker and make really loud noises to break it up. If you remember from previous stories, Keith contacted me because he read this blog. He contacted me after other people related to his house had also reached out. I know it sounds crazy, bizarre, insane, and just weird, but sometimes I truly think I was set up on a date by ghosts. Nothing can shock me at this point because I later find out that these are always The Ghosts That Know Me.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

One Word: Matthew

Matthew...He always has something to say.  Let's go down the rabbit hole now for some stories about my good old buddy, Matthew.  If you haven't read about Matthew, dive back into the archive because, well, this blog wouldn't even have been written if it wasn't for Matthew.  Why?  Should I write here that Matthew is crazy in life and death?  Or should I repeat how my cousin described him from her psychic visions as "quite a character?"  Go back and read about Matthew and for now I will just sum it up by saying Matthew is a die-hard Marine who is only concerned with looking out for other people.

One day, because my ex-husband was having serious health problems,  I was really upset.  He was not listening to anyone.  He would not take any advice.  I was on the verge of blocking him on my phone, but the thought scared me because he was so sick.  I started randomly asking questions to an empty apartment.  The windows of the apartment were open and you could feel a light breeze.  When my crying turned to sobbing, something happened that caught my attention.  Suddenly, it started pouring rain outside.  It went from nothing to downpour in a second as my sobbing hit a peak.  Since I was kind of surprised, my crying started to subside and in equal measure, the pouring rain started to subside.  I turned the ghost app on and it started lecturing me.  Saying things like "cast cord aside never, "troop," "make smooth." I got up to do some laundry and it immediately read, "sit."  Next, "doctor."  I replied aloud, "Yes, I went to the doctor today," Instantly, it replied, "No, him." I took a screenshot and later went to bed.  The very next day at about 1pm, my ex-husband called and said not to worry but he was going to the emergency room because his ankles were drastically swelling and he did not know why.

At first, Matthew also had his own opinions about my boyfriend, Keith.  Remember, Matthew was not only my best friend, but was my ex-husband's as well.  One night, I was at Keith's house and we kissed and Matthew decided to offer his two cents.  Yep, I was a "horrible wife."  So, I started back at Matthew.  For every comment or sarcastic question there was an immediate reply, which left Keith standing there jaw dropped to the floor.  Keith asked, "Is Matthew gonna haunt me?"  I asked, "Are you coming with me or staying here?"  Instantly he replied, "going with you."  I said, "Are you coming in the car?"  "Too high up."  Yeah, Matthew likes to always tell me he is an angel.  Rub it in some more, Matthew.

When I moved into Keith's house, I started to get worried.  Would Matthew come with me?  Would he stop visiting me?  Would he be mad at me?  I thought of what to do.  I thought about asking him to come out loud, but I hated when the electricity went out at one of those moment and freaked me out.  Then, for the next week that thought kept coming up in my mind.  When I am alone at the house for the first time, the electricity is going to go out.  I heard this thought repeatedly.  One morning at 5AM, I go to Keith's house to drop off some stuff.  He left for work and I sit down on the couch.  As soon as Keith's car left the street, all the electricity in the house went out...for an entire hour.  Not funny, Matthew.  If you do not know why this was a 100% true sign he followed me here, go back and read the old stories and it will become very clear.

Matthew promised he would always stay with me, but in fleeting moments I doubt it.  What if I get too happy?  What if he gets bored?  What if too much time passes?  This week, on the 3-year anniversary of his death, he finally asked me over the ghost app, "Why me?"  It saddened me so I simply replied, "Because you are the perfect angel.  It had to be you."

Monday, August 19, 2019

I Was Invited Here

I spent many hours a week at Keith’s throughout the winter.  I was working part-time and whenever he was free, I would go to his house and we would watch shows on weird topics.  Keith had an interest in aliens and conspiracy theories, so he was quite willing to binge watch paranormal and ghost story shows.  One particular evening, it was late, and I needed to leave soon.  I got a funny feeling to turn the ghost app on.  I have no idea why I felt that way.  I turned the app on and it suddenly started going off, beeping, and bars turning red.  I felt a shadow figure to my left.  I could NOT see it.  I FELT it. I said a few things asking the ghost to say something to show Keith that I was not crazy and that this was real.  It responded, “No.  Pact.”  We saw those words, rolled my eyes, and groaned.  Keith asked what was wrong.  I explained that I had told his father spirit that he was a little aggressive and talked a lot.  I lectured the spirit that he freaked the hell out of me so only talk to me in my dreams. (I am rolling my eyes right now writing this.  Yeah, the spirits like to joke with me A LOT.)  At the moment I explained what I had told his father, I kept feeling like someone was standing right beside my left arm.  I thought about saying something to Keith, but then I just told myself not to because he would think I lost my mind.  The very next second, the word “left” came across the app.  It was clear to me then that his father approved of me and for some reason liked to entertain me.  I had been having beautiful dreams about Keith and was constantly drawn to Keith and the house in an unexplainable way.  There was a bedroom I would sometimes nap in or sleep in at Keith’s house since I sleep at random times of the day due to my horrible insomnia.  I had always known a shadow watched me from the corner of the room and I always thought it was odd that I knew who it was and  wasn't scared. I always slept so well with the figure watching me.  So, one night, when I woke up and the shadow figure was standing beside me while I slept, it was one of those moments that it looked like a scene out of a horror movie, but I was not afraid at all.