Monday, August 19, 2019

I Was Invited Here

I spent many hours a week at Keith’s throughout the winter.  I was working part-time and whenever he was free, I would go to his house and we would watch shows on weird topics.  Keith had an interest in aliens and conspiracy theories, so he was quite willing to binge watch paranormal and ghost story shows.  One particular evening, it was late, and I needed to leave soon.  I got a funny feeling to turn the ghost app on.  I have no idea why I felt that way.  I turned the app on and it suddenly started going off, beeping, and bars turning red.  I felt a shadow figure to my left.  I could NOT see it.  I FELT it. I said a few things asking the ghost to say something to show Keith that I was not crazy and that this was real.  It responded, “No.  Pact.”  We saw those words, rolled my eyes, and groaned.  Keith asked what was wrong.  I explained that I had told his father spirit that he was a little aggressive and talked a lot.  I lectured the spirit that he freaked the hell out of me so only talk to me in my dreams. (I am rolling my eyes right now writing this.  Yeah, the spirits like to joke with me A LOT.)  At the moment I explained what I had told his father, I kept feeling like someone was standing right beside my left arm.  I thought about saying something to Keith, but then I just told myself not to because he would think I lost my mind.  The very next second, the word “left” came across the app.  It was clear to me then that his father approved of me and for some reason liked to entertain me.  I had been having beautiful dreams about Keith and was constantly drawn to Keith and the house in an unexplainable way.  There was a bedroom I would sometimes nap in or sleep in at Keith’s house since I sleep at random times of the day due to my horrible insomnia.  I had always known a shadow watched me from the corner of the room and I always thought it was odd that I knew who it was and  wasn't scared. I always slept so well with the figure watching me.  So, one night, when I woke up and the shadow figure was standing beside me while I slept, it was one of those moments that it looked like a scene out of a horror movie, but I was not afraid at all.   

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Impress Your Crush in 2 Seconds & Other Reasons I Have a Boyfriend That Loves Aliens

One of the reasons I really hit it off with Keith, the guy I knew from high school with the haunted house, was because he would play ghost shows the entire time I was at his house. We would rarely watch the shows, usually just talking and commenting on what we saw through entire shows. (Part of the problem was that I had already seen them all and didn’t have the heart to tell him since he was being so nice.)  He had read my blog before he contacted me, so he knew a little about my paranormal experiences.

One evening, he asked me if I was psychic.  I said, “Noooo.  Some of my family are psychics and even do it for money, but not me.”  He asked why and for more details.  I explained I just didn’t think I was very good at it even though I did have a sixth sense about certain things.  He begged me to try to read him, just for fun.  He prodded and I finally gave in.  I figured it was just for fun and it wouldn’t matter if I was dead wrong.  

Suddenly, an image of him wrecking a bike and having stitches as a kid popped into my head.  I told him, and his mouth dropped open. Then suddenly, I saw a car accident. His jaw dropped even further.  He said, “Tell me more.  Keep going.”  Now remember, we had gone to high school together, but he was a few years older, so we knew different people.  I responded to his requests for more claiming that even if I tried to read stuff about high school, I didn’t even know the people’s names. Suddenly, it was my turn to be shocked.  I said, “You went to prom with Danielle Reeves.” He said, “How did you know that?! Did you remember?”  I shook my head and said, “I have no idea.  Her name just popped into my head and it was really clear.”  I gave him a few more bits and pieces I could tell about his personality and we moved on to talk about another topic.

Right before I left, I turned to face him.  I was having an overwhelming gut feeling.  I just couldn’t ignore it.  I said, “There is some problem you have that is significant.  Like it is a REAL problem.  I know I can love you like that and I can help you.  I don’t know what it is exactly, but I can feel I can love you exactly where you are.”

Find out how this story unfolded.  Why do I live in this house that I say is a haunted vortex?  What was Keith’s problem and why was I even drawn there?  Most of all, how do I know that spirits like to guide me and give me advice (even sometimes the most annoying advice…). Keep reading The Ghosts That Know Me. 

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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Some Spirits Like to Smack You In the Face

Even though I had so many paranormal experiences and witnesses to boot at this point, I remained skeptical.  I wanted to blame stress, grief, or the fact that a church had been started in that crazy apartment.  I tried to tell myself that the previous apartment was haunted and not me.  Things just started happening that were beyond explanation or coincidence that I started to realize that the paranormal problem was actually ME.

I worked various jobs.  I didn't stay at any of them long and worked part-time.  I worked with a friend that had very bad grief because a family member had died.  One day, a different friend inquired about the job.  I gave a few details and they kind of gave me a "Wait...What did you say?" response.  They stood stunned staring at me with a wide-mouthed, jaw to the floor expression.  I said, "What?? What did I say?"  They replied, "I bought this house from that family member you were talking about." Still, I told myself it was a small area.  Everyone knows everyone kind of thing.

A few weeks later, I drove out into the country to take my landlords my rent check.  It was pretty far out in the middle of a rural area.  I was on the phone with my father and accidentally drove right by their house.  I realized I had gone too far and simply turned right back around and headed the same way I came.  I started to look around and realize nothing looked familiar even though I had headed back a way I normally drove home from their house.  I was so confused.  Didn't I just turn right around?  Where was I?  How did I end up here?  I stopped where a few roads crossed to put the address in Google Maps.  I looked over and there was an old, white church.  I took note of the church and the road that ran near it because there was a sign advertising an upcoming church dinner.  I continued driving and finally made it to my destination, but still was completely confused about how I ended up so lost.

I was working a different part-time job at this time.  I went to work and the manager had heard about my blog.  She started telling me her husband had died in a motorcycle accident.  She asked if I would go to the location with her because there were tons of questions about how it happened.  Her son felt he got a message at the site and she was hoping maybe I would, too.  She started describing the location and through my amazement I was able to ask, "You mean the road beside the old, white church?"  She looked at me and said, "Yeah, how did you know?"

I know because the Ghosts That Know Me & the ghosts that know my friends decided they needed to just lead me to people and places.  That is how I came to realize that my friends and family were right.  I was not just seeing spirits.  I was not just having dreams of information or receiving messages.  I was not just getting insane amounts of messages on the app.  The ghosts were guiding me and showing me what they wanted me to see.  They were communicating with me and they always had been.  I just did NOT want to listen.  This began a whole new journey.  Do I ignore them?  Yes.  All the time.  They would never let me sleep if I listened all the time.  However, do they make sense now and does it feel different?  It does.

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Saturday, July 27, 2019

This House is a Vortex

After four years of living in a haunted apartment, I got divorced and moved across the country to return to my hometown.  Even though my ability to see and communicate with ghosts came from my family linage in this area, I did not think much about it.  I had been sharing my blog posts of ghost stories on Facebook and one day got a DM from a guy I had gone to high school with asking about the blog.  It wasn’t just ANY guy.  It was a guy I had a huge crush on for over 6 years in high school.  Someone had actually nicknamed him “the sexiest man alive,” which wasn’t far from the truth.  We texted a bit and we laughed a lot in a very short time.  He texted me good morning and good night texts and was very thoughtful. He convinced me within a few short days that we should meet. 

My family knew the guy and so did everyone else I knew from my hometown. Since I have PTSD, I told him I had an odd request to meet him at his house because I did not want to get distracted and make a bad first impression.  When I arrived at the house, I was amazed.  It was huge and room after room of extremely nice furniture.  On top of that, the guy was quiet and shy and hung on my every word.  For a writer, there is nothing better than someone who will hang on every word of your dramatic stories.  However, there was something about him and the house.  I never wanted to leave.  It felt like some weird vortex.  I felt sucked in.  It got later and later, eventually 3AM.   For some reason, I kept imagining a taller dark shadow figure I could not see standing in the corner of the room.  

One night later in the week, he asked me to do a psychic reading.  I usually do not do this kind of thing.  My family members do, and I have a strong intuition, but I have not been trained and have not practiced.  This time, since it was him, I said yes.  Within minutes of focusing, I knew all kinds of things about him.  I recalled bike accident when he was a kid, a car accident, even the name of the girl he went to prom with just popped into my head.  Then, it happened.  I started feeling a man talking to me incessantly in my ear.  He would not stop.  He wanted me to give this guy a message.  He kept telling me over and over to “Tell him.  Tell him.”  I left that day and when I got home and tried to take a nap, the spirit was with me still bothering me.  I told him, “Enough.  I will tell him.  You have got to let me get some sleep.”

The next day, I told him that I had the strangest thing to tell him.  His father wanted him to know that “He never intended to not be there when he was growing up.”  He asked how I knew it was his father.  I replied, “You and he are the most handsome men I have met in my life and he looks like you, but taller.”  He told me that his father had died in a terrible tragedy when he was young and he had never met him.  He had hardly even seen a picture.  His father would continue to visit me so out of frustration I told him that he was too aggressive trying to talk and to come visit me in my dreams.  For weeks, I had happy dreams about living my life in that house...And every time I visited the house, I had the hardest time leaving.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Why I Write Even More These Days

I spent some time working as a research writer for a university I attended.  My mentor, Dr. P. had secured money for the position by holding a fundraiser.  I was able to spend most of the hours editing and writing at home that year, but Dr. P always made me come in and spend hours just chatting about random ideas.  What was Strategic Leadership?  How was I an effectual thinker?  This is why I should start my own business, he would say.  Write the rest of this paper this way.  Do not EVER date a guy that won’t read everything you write, Annie.  What is the best business model or idea?  Our conversations could go in circles and we could talk for hours.  I loved the man and he became like a father to me.  

About a year and a half later, he became sick.  He asked me to stop by his house because I needed his signature for a university document. A nurse answered the door and led me to the dining room table.  None of us at the university had seen him for months and there was a lot of gossip about his current state.  However, he was harassing me by email every day with long instructions just like the grumpy, wild man always loved to do.  He walked to the doorway, threw out his hands, and whispered, “Here I am!” I saw the pain in his eyes and realized instantly that he had lost the ability to speak.  I knew at this moment I had to be like him and say something gruff, so I responded, “Hey, don’t whine.  You aren’t dead!”  He sat and wrote and wrote question after question and answer after answer until the late hours of the night.  I told him I had been so sick and burst into tears.  He motioned me to come hug his.  He pulled me onto his knee and wrapped his arms around me.  He pushed me so that I was face to face looking him in the eye and said, “You have come too far to quit.”    

In the next few weeks, I started writing a book about saving money because it was a topic I could write about quickly.  As I mentioned, I was not feeling well so I had cast my other writing projects aside because they took too much concentration and effort.  I was an avid Dave Ramsey listener and had read every book I could find on money, so I decided to write the book just for fun.  

I went to the library and got a lot of different books and did a lot of online research for ideas. I would write for about thirty minutes to an hour every night.  One night I sat down, and I wrote and wrote and wrote for about 7 hours.  After the entire night passed, I said to my family members that I didn’t know why, but I felt like Dr. P was with me the entire time. 

Later that day, I wrote Dr. P and email.  I joked with him about not hearing from him for a while and asked him to tell me how he was doing.  Two days later, I received an email forwarded from the university that Dr. P had passed away earlier in the week.

He comes back time to time. I see him in the visions in my dreams of the afterlife, as he waits to talk to me with everyone else.  Of course, just like all of them he is gloriously happy and looks healthier than he ever did alive.  One night, he visited me in my dream and started ranting that I had to focus and that my focus was never good, but that I HAD to check my investments because they were not invested aggressively enough.  One time, when I became very sick, I laid in bed and started getting a heavy feeling in my chest, which is the clear initial sign that I am not alone.  I got scared because most of the ghosts do not bother me in my bedroom and started calling for the other person at home.  Right then, I heard Dr. P’s irritated voice say, “Annie!  I am sitting RIGHT HERE.” I realized he was just staying by my side during my worst time.  

Yes, all these ghosts know me. 

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Monday, May 13, 2019

The Haunted Stone Prevails

Over the next few months, I started looking for jobs and apartments in my home state.  My soon-to-be ex-husband had moved in with a friend and we hardly spoke.  I had been promoted at work and was working full-time during the early evening hours. I spent every extra hour listing tons of clothing and furniture in online stores, trying to get money for anything I could.  I was driving back to my home state and taking two large dogs with me. I would not be able to fit much in the car besides my clothing.  

Also, every single night, I was alone in the apartment that had all the activity, usually unable to sleep until about 4AM.  I stayed away from the kitchen and living room where most of the activity had occurred.  Seriously, I left every single light on in the house 24/7.

After about two weeks of packing and spending most days at the apartment alone, I suddenly started having debilitating anxiety at night.  It came on out of the blue.  I started calling my sister, my friends, even my soon-to-be ex-husband at all hours of the night in a complete panic.  My ex called finally, and we talked for a few short minutes.  I explained that I was having really bad anxiety.  He said, “Make sure you stay out of the living room at night.  You know that the rock in the jewelry box is out there and it does seem to have some kind of weird effect on people, especially you.”  At that moment, I was in the bedroom where I hid out every night. I glanced down, my eyes coming to rest on the very haunted object he was talking about.  I said, “Oh my.  Now I know why I have had anxiety.  I packed the jewelry box up and it is in the bedroom at night with me. Hmmm…That is so weird and crazy.”  I always wanted to return to be a skeptic, but there it was again.  I had avoided the living room not realizing that I had the haunted object I was hiding from right in front of me every night.

My mind started reeling about what to do with this object.  Do I send it to Zak Bagans and ask him to put it in his museum?  No, I couldn’t.  It might anger my Jay, the first ghost I had encountered in the apartment. He had given the stone to me as a nice gesture.  I started thinking maybe I would mail it to my family, so I didn’t have to drive across the country with a haunted object in my car.  I had started doing podcast interviews about my blog and even jokingly said I would not drive with that thing in my car.

The day I left Florida, I was out of time and in a rush.  As I was packing up the bookshelf, where I had returned the jewelry box to its original spot, I also found an old crucifix.  I stuffed the crucifix in the jewelry box and put this haunted object that had always bothered and nagged at me in the console of my car.  I felt a little bit of anxiety, but nothing happened. To this day, I have never seen a ghost or mist or even a flash of light or orb in my car.  However, I cannot explain why out of the blue I had the urge to drive a slow 35 miles per hour on a 55 mile per hour highway at night.  How I was able to come to a dead stop in the middle of a main highway to avoid hitting deer two separate times since December?  Lucky?  Protected?  Given a message?  Well, hopefully we will find out before this story comes to an end. 

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Monday, April 29, 2019

I Have a Plan For Your Life & Other Ways Ghosts Like To Show-Off

I spent most nights at the store, usually working alone for hours at a time and attempting to ignore the odd noises and heaviness in the room.  In the very late evenings into the early mornings I was busy writing a memoir about my life and a book about my paranormal experiences.  I even posted on my personal Facebook page that I would be publishing the paranormal book in December of 2018.  One night, I received a Direct Message on Facebook from a guy named Jarrod (Yes, Jarrod….remember that previous blog post and the name on the ghost app?) from my hometown.  We exchanged a few messages, but I did not remember the guy at all.  He threw out a few memories, but none connected with my mind. The next day, he sent me a barrage of photos of haunted places he had visited.  I texted him a few lines before work and then instantly got a strong feeling. I have always had a strong intuition, but this was more than that.  It was a repeating thought over and over so strong I had an overwhelming urge to share it. I texted, “I know that you are someone that knows deep pain very well.”  He agreed, and I guess I just thought it was a lucky guess.  The next day I told one of my friends about Jarrod and I said, “This guy is like Matthew.  He is going to save my life.”  

Weeks passed, and we talked night after night.  I told him horror stories from my life and inserted a few of the good things.  With every bad story, he would switch it around on me and turn it into a positive.  He was building me back up from my depression and grief one thought at a time. I started to feel better and come out of the depression ittle by little.  I started getting messages on the ghost app telling me to “Get Out” and “Leave Now.”  I started to think that maybe the situations I had been in Florida were not serving me well.   I cannot say everything was bad in Florida, but I had suffered from a lot of violence, health problems, and a general lack of support.  My whole family was across the country in my hometown area.  So, I texted Jarrod that I was moving home.  I don’t even know why.  I just suddenly got the strong feeling that it was what I had to do.  It was clear in my mind, no question about it.  It wasn’t a far-fetched idea.  It was something I was going to do without much thought.  

I was getting ready for work one afternoon brushing and drying my hair and I had the ghost app running. It said oddly, “brush” and “Let me do that.”  I laughed. I said aloud, “You want to brush my hair?  Really? You guys are funny!”  Then it said a code word.  Jarrod’s nickname for his son.  It is not a typical nickname and it was not the typical style of word that came across the app.  Then it said a number.  I called Jarrod and asked what the number meant, and he had no idea.  He seemed like he thought I had lost my mind.  

A few weeks later, he posted a sports picture of his son and the number on his son’s jersey was the number from the app.  I pointed this out and Jarrod replied, “I have no idea where he came up with that number. It was like he pulled it out of thin air!”  What was the number? An 8, of course.  The sign of infinity.  I can't even make this stuff up!

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